Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why so serious?

Hello readers and welcome to another update.

I will jump right in with it by begining with last Monday. I spent the day decorating in Beoley (see last post for reminder on why I was doing that...) and finished for about 6:00pm. In the evening I, along with Kate, Adam, and Carl went to see The Dark Knight in Solihull. I picked Kate up from hers and we waited for the others in La Tasca. We got our tickets and went in...

The film is amazing and quite frankly, if you haven't seen it I don't want to know you...

(the late) Heath Ledger is indeed a brilliant Joker as everyone was suspecting, though this leads me to ask one simple question... If he could act that good all along, why did he waste his time and ours with the likes of "A Knights Tale and Brokeback Mountain? (not that I went to see Brokeback Mountain)

Anyway... Tuesday. More decorating and then in the evening it was over to Solihull as usual to have a jam on Rockband where we effectively completed it... Yes, we finally cracked it.

The Mothers of Destruction are:

Mr Adam "Turbo" Turbitt on Drums,
Mr Carl "The Jackal" Notman on Bass,
Myself; Mr Gareth "Garth Vader" Evans on lead guitar,
and of course Mr John... [insert hastily made-up nickname] Robinson on vocals.

he band would like to thank: Mr Marcus Wheatley for providing back-up guitar/vocals and for being the band technician in providing us with a better foot-pedal. Also, Jenny Fishbourne for providing back-up vocals and for being the bit of crumpet that any good rock band needs to be seen with...

Anyway. Wednesday. MORE decorating and then in the evening, down to fathers. I called in at the Swan as usual to see Donna and help them lose the quiz.

Thursday... Thursday there was no decorating so I sepent the day just trawling the internet and watching TV... It was really fun! In the evening I went, with Lank, to the packhorse. We had a merry-old time chatting and joining in with all the mirth. Sadly, at about 12:00ish it was time to go... so we did.

Friday. More decorating. In the evening I may have gone out... Sorry folks, I cant quite remember.... Could have been back over to Adams with John.....

Yeah, actually, I think it was.

Saturday... I didnt really do anything. Mum was out with friends and was staying over until Sunday so I had another day of trawling the internet and watching TV!

Sunday... A regualr one... Dinner (which I made myself!) Legion. Nans. Home. Bed.

Right... I will leave you there readers as I'm off out in a bit...


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