Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why do ATM machines have to work on Bank Holidays?

Hello readers and welcome to a TUESDAY blog! While this counts as “late” I have in fact left it so that I may blog the Bank Holiday while it is fresh in my head, rather than write about it next Monday…

So lets’ begin…

Last Monday work flew by and in the evening I went over to Adams with my hard drive so that we could play a bit of Call of Duty under my name, since my ex-box (ha, see the pun there!) is still in the repair centre.

Tuesday… After work I came home and lounged in front of the PC for a bit before watching some Dragon Ball Z. I then had tea and went back over to Adams for a bit more Call of Duty.

Wednesday. After work I had to stay behind until 5:30pm to photograph the school fashion show! I tried my best but some of the photo’s were naff, though I blame this on the equipment and my instructions…

1) The camera was a bog-standard Kodak.
2) I wasn’t allowed to use the flash.
3) The kiddies didn’t stand still.
4) It was dark.
5) The spot lights were flashing, not still.

Now call me “Mr. Fussy” but I think a dark room, photographing a moving target with no flash, is pretty much a photographers worse nightmare (and I’m not a photographer!)

In fact I would like Mr Robinsons opinion on the matter (and to tell me if such a task is even possible!) since he is far better than me at professional photography.

In the evening the T.A’s from Woodrush decided to go and enter the quiz at the Swan… We got there for 7:30pm and had a carvery first, then waited until the quiz started. We were doing very well and even held it together in the music round… The result? A resounding 2nd place! We won £20 (which meant £2.50 each with a bit left over) which was nice. Anne dropped me home (as she had driven) and I went in to bed.

Thursday. After work I watched some Dragon Ball Z before being picked up by Lank and deposited in the packhorse as per usual. Much merriment was to be had by all until closing time. At around 11:30pm we decided to call it a night and Lank dropped me home.

Friday… Ooh… smell that 3 day weekend!

In the evening I went over to see Kate (that’s “College Kate” as I call her) I took my USB stick with me to copy some files to her new laptop for her. After fiddling with her laptop for a… No wait, that sounds dodgy…. After transferring and printing the files on her new computer (that’s better!) we sat and watched TV for a few hours before I came home to beddie-byes.

Saturday was a bit of a non-day. I got up, had dinner and went over to Solihull, then came back and watched some DBZ (I think)

Sunday After my usual stint at the Legion, Lank picked me, Dan, Kate and Ben up to go bowling. We met Jenny and Marcus there for 8:00pm and got underway. Ben won the first game, and Mr Bennett, after a rather spectacular flying-leap down the alley, won the second. We then had a quick mess around in the arcade before heading home. I got in and went straight to bed!

Bank Holiday Monday. I had arranged to meet up with Donna so I picked her up and we went and had lunch at The Black Boy in Knowle after a brief session of walking round the shops in Solihull. When we got to The Black Boy we found a table and ordered some grub (I had faggotts, chips, and mushy peas!)

After stuffing myself, me and Donna went back to hers to have a gander at t’internet to see if we could book some tickets to see Phantom of the opera… We could have done so… If we wanted to spend £120 each on the show and a room!

… erm… no!

So we have postponed it for the time being until we either have the funds or some sort of “money-off coupon” (they have those for the theatre, right?)

Well afterwards I came home to grab a bite to eat and went back over to Adams. Whilst there, Donna phoned to say that she wouldn’t mind coming out for a drink so Me and Adam went over to The Greville and were joined a while later by Donna. We had a drink and a laugh before calling it a night at about 11:20pm. I came home to grab a cold drink and go to bed ready for work the next day!

And that is where I will leave you readers.


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