Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No funny title this week.

Hello readers and welcome to another blog. For reasons I wont go in to I feel like shite, and it's about to get worse so this blog will be a bit brief...

I should have put this at the end of my last post but I felt that I couldnt as I was a bit upset. Going back to last Sunday night/early Monday morning I found my cat, Paws in the entry unable to walk. We got her in and she imediately started having a fit. My ma' and I quickly got her to an emergency vet over in Birmingham but unfortunately it was inopperable and the decision was made to put her to sleep to save her from the stress.

We came home, tearful, and I had to go to bed as it was 2:00am.

Work on Monday was hell. I felt like a bag of crap but muddled on through. I came home and dozed off on the couch to catch up with some sleep. In the evening I went over to Adam and Carls house to try and take my mind off things.

Tuesday. Work seemed to drag and I was glad to get home at 4:30pm in the evening I went back over to Adam and Carls for the usual weekly lads night in.

Wednesday. On Wednesday I had the night to myself as father was Skiing in Austria. I played some Xbox and went over to Adam and Carls.

Thursday. Work went well and I was out the door before I knew it. The evening was spent in The Swan as usual. A good time was had by all but before we knew it, it was time to go. We drank up and Lank dropped me home.

Friday. After work I came home and watched a bit of TV before going out... Somewhere. Damnit! Why can't I remember Fridays?

Saturday. I awoke early-ish and phoned Mr Turbitt to see what was what. I went over and it was decided that we should go out to Dudley zoo! Marcus drove and we were soon on our way. We got there for about 11:45am and went straight in. Of the many animals we saw, the one that got my attention was a Raven in a big cage who was as domesticated as a small puppy. It even played Fetch!

Naturally I have photos (and one video that Marcus doesn't want putting on the internet, so to see it you will have to ask me to show it to you!)

A cheeky monkey!

Once, upon a midnight Dreary as I pondered weak and weary....

A snow Leopard

A lion (well duh!)

This isn't zoomed in! I actually got this close to 2 lynx cats! (though what you cant see is the pane of glass between them and me!)

Anyway. We soon arrived at the point in the day where we had seen everything and the zoo was winding-up for the evening so we made our move and came back home. After a while I left Adam and Co' as they were off Bowling, but I had arranged to meet up with Kate whom I know from College and haven't seen in a while. I went over to her house to pick her up but we ended up staying in and watching various episodes of The Mighty Boosh on DVD. At about 11:30pm I called it a night and came home.

Sunday. Normal one. Dinner, Legion, Nans, Home, Bed.

Right. I'm off out in a bit to drown my sorrows (more on that next week)

... Thats right. I've used the old "cliffhanger" on you...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No holes "Bard"

Hello readers and welcome to this weeks blog. I am going out in a bit so I won't be long.

Last Monday I rolled in to work and in to a class that I have only worked in once before and was told that I would be there all week... Which was nice! Afterwards I came home and messed about on t'internet before taking Gears of War 2 and my hard drive over to Adam and Carls where we sat trying our hand at some of the achievements before I came home for 12:00 midnight.

Tuesday. Now Tuesday evening is a bit of a blur. I can't remember if I saw Julie or not... I think I did. Hmm... Can anyone help me out on that one? Thanks...

Wednesday. Work seemed to Fly by and I was home after what seemed like only a couple of hours! I went down to Fathers as usual where we watched some good old fashioned "Worlds most amazing videos" I love that show... people being electrocuted, cars crashing, police shootings, and fat kids in lion enclosures.... It's no wonder the American psyche' is so well balanced...............

... Ahem.

Anyway, afterwards I popped in to the Swan like I always do to see Donna and her family. (Shit, that reminds me, I said I'd give her a call to organise a drink sometime.)

Thursday. The evening was spent in The Swan. Jess and Paul came along which was nice. Alas, Carl had the dreaded Lurgy so he wasn't able to come out. We all had a drink and a laugh until it was time to go when Lank dropped me home.

Friday. ah the weekend beckoned. I spent the evening in playing Gears of War 2 and then some Fable 2. I also decided to download the Fable 2 additional content off Xbox Live, adding more quests and new areas to the world.

Saturday. During the day I went over to Adam and Carls. Now I know I usualy say something like "we watched TV" or "we played Xbox" but no! we went out to Stratford for the day, just for something to do! Aren't we good little boys for getting out in the sunshine and crisp air? Naturally (and because I thought of this blog) I took photos!

Shakespeares Birthplace

The Church

The garden, complete with 2 grotesque gargoyle statues....

... Oh, no, wait, It's Adam and carl...!

Hee hee...

The next photo I took for effect. I can imagine it being some sort of photoshop stock photo... If the image was much better quality and the sodding light in the window wasn't on...

makes your eyes funny doesn't it?

Anyway, when we had done we came back and I had to shoot off as I was going out! Dave (who I work with, and randomly knows my sister through college) was having a night out for his birthday. I was invited and so was Julie so off I went to pick her up and bring her back to Wythall where everyone was meeting. We got to the Swan for about 8:45pm and Dave was already there with some friends. After a few drinks we ordered a taxi in to town where we went to Subculture at the Academy. I had never been to Subculture before and found that I was overdressed, wearing a shirt. Now Julie isn't a massive fan of metal but they threw in some hippety-hop music as well so she could join in. Whilst there I bumped in to Nicola, Kaz and John. I haven't seen Kaz since the middle of last year so it was good to say hi.

We drank and moshed a bit until about 2:00am where we had to call it a night. Me and Julie live in opposite directions so I made sure she got in to one taxi, and then I got in to the other. I was home for about 2:45am where i went soundly to sleep.

Sunday. Not a normal one. Although I went to the Legion I didn't go to nans. I stayed in and had a play of Fable 2!

Right. I will leave you there, readers.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why do you have a balloon tied to your hair?

Hello readers and welcome to the first regular update of 2009 as promised last week.

I will kick off with last Monday. As the first day back at work, my brain couldn't comprehend that it was 7:15am when I got up and didn't really kick-in until about 10:00am so the first hour at work was a daze.

During the evening I went over to Adam and Carls. We decided to have a drink and watch Star Trek DS9... Yes. Yes we did.
Tuesday wasn't so bad. After work I came home and dozed off before having a bite to eat and heading off to see Julie. We went for a drink in the Queslett but Jules was suffering from a bit of a head-cold so we didn't stop long. Soon after dropping her off I came back home to bed.
Wednesday. After work I came home to mess about on my xbox before going down to fathers in the evening. For Christmas I bought him a new Freeview box because his had broken and whilst I was there i decided to install it for him as he hadn't done it yet. I got it up and running and thankfully it did what most "self tuning" devices don't normally do... Tune itself!
Afterwards I popped over to the swan to see Donna and co' before coming home.
Thursday. The evening was spent in the Swan, though with reduced numbers. Jess came out though which was nice and added her unique blend of wonderful madness to the mix. When it was time to go home Lank dropped her home before giving me a lift back as usual.
Friday. Ah the first week at work was nearly over. I left Calthorpe at 3:45pm and made haste for home. During the evening I went over to Adam and carls with my copy of Gears of War 2 though we ddin't play it. We had a drink and watched Star Trek DS9... Yes. Yes we did.
Saturday. Adam and Bobby's birthdays. During the day I stayed in whilst my nan and grandad came round as usual. At about 5:30pm-ish I bungled my shirt into my backpack and set off for Adam and Carls. When I got there I found them having a drink and watching Star Trek DS9. I joined them and when it was time to get ready I threw my shirt on. We waited for Marcus and Jenny and we made our way in to Solihull, meeting the rest of the gang in Wetherspoons. Whilst there we met Jo and Paul who were out with friends. After Wetherspoons we went to Reflex. Now obviously being a dual-birthday celebration you would expect to see a multitude of photos...
... Well I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disapoint you. Sorry. I only took one and it is of Bobby with a balloon tied to his ponytail...

There we go!

Everyone stayed until about 1:40am when we decided to cal it a night and to go and get some chips...

Sunday. I awoke late (after eating chips and sobering up I drove home... seriously, I only had 2-3 drinks and stopped all together at about 12:00 midnight, meaning that by the time I left Adams after eating my chips I was fine) but managed to scoff my dinner and get down to the legion for my usual shift. Afterwards I went down to my nans for tea before dropping back in on the legion for a swift half before coming home to bed.

Right. Thats where I will leave you readers. TTFN

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy new something....

Well readers. Here we are... 2009. I will first appologise for not blogging over the festive season but to be quite honest I had neither time nor the energy to do it. I thought it would be better to amalgamate (ooh! big word... Triple nerd score!) 3 weeks of blogging in to one generalised one as the first blog of the new year.

For this reason, I'm not blogging every day, I will give you an overview with certain points of interest highlited with a little more detail and prescision...

So. Where to begin? Well the last week of work usually involves not doing much but what we did do was take the kiddies to a church service. I haven't stepped in to a church in a long while... And the last service I went to (weddings not withstanding) was when I was a child. So, as the old oak doors swung open I swear I could hear the choir singing the theme from The Omen (refresher video below)

Great piece of music...

I also took a couple of photos which I was going to manipulate with photoshop to see if I could get them looking a bit artistic though I havent bothered as yet so here they are in original format...

I'm sure John will offer constructive critisism

Anyway, the week was soon over and after recieving choccs and cards from more people than I thought knew me, I was a free man... Or was I?...

... Well the short answer is "yes" but I still had to do all of my christmas shopping so I arranged to go in to Birmingham with Adam that weekend. I got over to his house on the morning of the 20th. We were all set to go and then we looked at the weather and thought "sod it" and had a beer and a gaming session on the xbox.

We did, however get to do our Christmas shopping on the Monday, so we were OK.

Chrismas eve was interesting. I was working at the Legion and hadn't done a night-shift in a while. I was surprised to find that it was fairly quiet but the band were quite good so I had a good evening.

Christmas day was spent over at my nans house. We did the whole presents thing and had lunch. We were there until about 5:30-ish when me and Selena left to go to our Aunts house to see the rest of the family...

... But not before a quick detour...

We weren't due down to our aunts until about 7:00-ish so we popped back to Selenas because she had gone and bought herself "Little Big Planet" for the PS3. I had heard about it but not actually played it so I was looking forward to having a go. It plays beautifully and is quite funny in places. The level creator can be a pain because you have to build EVERYTHING from scratch which would take forever but apart from that the game is amazing. Check it out.

So after Christmas I bought some clothes with my money from Birmingham and in the run up to the new year I didn't do much except keep nipping over to my sisters for games of LBP or going over to Adams to chill out and generaly get out of the house.

New years eve came upon us and everyone was rallied to The Swan as a starting point for the night out. Our ultimate destination was Benjamines in Halesowen (since nic' and Jules' dad owns it!)

We arrived after a considerable journey in a mini-bus taxi and we got straight on to the important business of waiting to be served to have a drink. We had some grub as there was a nice buffet laid on and stood beside the bar enjoying the disco. At the pivotal moment we all cheered and hugged and shook hands before getting back to dancing and trying to ingest as much beer and spirits as possible. Sadly the only photo I took was of Jasons ear when he stuck a cocktail umberella through his piercing...


Well anyway the following day I awoke at about 3:00pm... Yes. You read that right. The next few days I spent recovering until Yeasterday when I went back to work.

Right. Thats it for now readers. Service will return to normal next week.